Texture & Colour

Landscapes of emotional expression, texture & color.

The complexity of mixing color and textures; which are inspired by the telling details that characterize a person’s face. With Complexion I meant to express my emotional state in a fluid and intuitive form, as I try to connect with a ‘greater consciousness’.
I relax into a meditative state and let my guard down to allow thoughts and wants to come forth and to be expressed through the form of art. Oil pastels, ink and other mediums take part of the multi layers I work with. Once the painting is finished, I allow the art work to take a different message for each viewer that could be personal and reflective of their state of mind.
Creating artwork is in part a form of expression as much as it is the creation of beautiful aesthetics. Art has the power to make one see things in a new light It allows us to discover the beauty in what is around us and ponder the mysteries of the unknown, which is what I hope viewers get out of this collection.

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