Rings of Hope

Trust in Tomorrow

This collection is based on an emotional status on what is happening around the world. My new collection “Rings of Hope” is my visualization to my hopefulness that things will get better, that tomorrow is more beautiful. The thought of a better future for the children who are homeless, orphaned or those without a place to call home. A situation that is reoccurring in our time. In other countries some are affected by other conflicts and natural disaster.

A handful of metallic rings encrusted into colorful, light and expressive abstract works of various sizes. The rings, though, representing Hope, harmoniously in the paintings, each artwork is meant to be associated with locations where much needed assistance contributing to the future of local populations. Whether the suggested map-like aspect of many of the works in the series actually represent countries and regions of our world is left to the interpretation of the viewer.

All pieces are authentic and some come in their original frame.

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