Complexion Exhibition

Complexion Exhibition

Landscapes of Emotional Expression, Texture & Color

First Solo Exhibition | United Arab Emirates

Gallery 76 invites you to attend the exhibition of abstract art which explores Dana’s journey of imagination through intuitive instinct creating impressions with textures, visual form, color and spontaneity.

“Complexion” will start on Tuesday 10 May   and run through Tuesday 24 May.




Landscapes of Emotional Expression, Texture & Color

Each canvas tells a story of Dana’s personal journey to discover her identity as an artist. She takes her inspiration from day to day experiences and emotions turning them into physical expressions and visualizations with constantly changing colors and shapes. Dana is captivated by the colors she can create, and strives to construct an entire world on her canvas. Her style is abstract expressionist and she paints intuitively, drawing upon her emotions and imagination rather than working from photographic images.

Dana paints to ‘express’ conjuring abstract images found in nature and captured through her love of photography. Her art style is also contemporary, utilizing different art methods. She is not afraid to try and mix bright colors because art should be an adventure. She is interested in a variety of elements involved in the creation and destruction of surfaces – regularity and irregularity and the relationship between minimal form and surface texture.

Regarding her very personal creative expression, Dana says, “My paintings represent an ongoing quest to discover details around me and to reveal what cannot be expressed with words. I strive to tap into intuitive creative painting and share it by visual art and transfer it onto support medium such as a canvas. Every time I start a new painting, I take a moment to allow this creative energy to flow allowing me to “play”; experiment and allow the paint to take its different forms and to communicate something, creating an impression on the viewer – without natural imagery or symbols, but rather with pure visual form”.



Final Preparations Before Opening Night

About Dana Naser

Dana Naser is a Dubai – based emerging artist, designer and photographer. Growing up, art was an important part of Dana’s life. Throughout her life, she collected images, experiences and emotions expressing them through her art, relying on intense colours and incorporating various forms, patterns and textures, channeling this talent through her graphic design as well as her painting. For Dana, art is creation, transformation and a medium of expression. Her work concentrates on creating abstract surfaces through her favourite medium; acrylics, but works in oil and has experimented with a variety of mixed media such as pastels, ink, wire, fabric, silk screen and many others.

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