“Urban Soul” Solo Art Exhibition

“Urban Soul”

A Solo Exhibition by Dana Naser
Studio Seven Gallery, Business Bay – Dubai


Dana Naser, a Canadian / Jordanian artist, will exhibit an abstract expressionistic art collection, which explores urban life and humanity in the city. Creating impressions with textures, visual form and color through mixed media. The three-week long exhibition: “Urban Soul”, is set to premier at Studio Seven Gallery on Tuesday 21 November 2017 in Business Bay – Dubai at 7:00 pm. The show will run until Tuesday 12 December 2017.

Reflecting on Living in the City.

The title of her latest collection “Urban Soul” which is a reflection of people in the city. It is the experience of people living in the city and expressed through a series of paintings to showcase an emotional status or the abstract cityscapes with the human element. Urban Soul will showcase the metropolitan diversity where you find different people, emotions and living concepts. The city is painted in abstract form not showing any landmarks but showing high-rise buildings as an indication. Dana collects images, experiences and emotions expressing them through her paintings, relying on intense colors and incorporating various forms, patterns and textures, using mixed media; such as pastels, ink, charcoal and many other medium that she would find serving a purpose and add value to her paintings.



Each canvas tells a story of an experience. Dana’s inspiration comes from day to day experiences and emotions turning them into physical expressions and visualizations with constantly changing colors and forms. Regarding her very personal creative expression, Dana says, “Captivated by the colors I create, I strive to construct an entire world in my paintings presenting unique works of art.”
Dana paints to ‘express’ and her art style is also contemporary, utilizing different art methods. Dana is not afraid to try and mix bold colors because art to her is an adventure.


The Artist

Dana Naser is a Dubai – based artist, designer and photographer. Growing up, art was an important part of Dana’s life. Throughout her life, she collected images, experiences and emotions expressing them through her art, relying on intense colors and incorporating various forms, patterns and textures, channeling this talent through her graphic design as well as her painting. For Dana, art is creation, transformation and a medium of expression.

Her work concentrates on creating abstract surfaces through her favorite medium; acrylics, but works in oil and has experimented with a variety of mixed media such as pastels, ink, wire, fabric, silk screen and many others.


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